Jennifer was sent along to review The Horrors on behalf of Mayhem! Magazine in May 2012.

Mayhem! treated ten lucky readers to free tickets for five-piece garage rave rockers The Horrors at the Pyramids in May – so we came along to find out what all the fuss was about!

An ample audience filled The Pyramids eager for their performance. On scanning the room we couldn’t help notice that most fans seemed to be older than the band members themselves, perhaps reminscent of the old-school influences of ‘back to the roots’ garage and rave in their music.

From a band that appear on the surface to be indie rock, it was confusing at first when the sounds launched at us were dramatic spaced out and emotive with a plethora of effects. Most of the tracks had a simplistic rhythm and club like repetition that led to a feeling of euphoria and at times with the psychedelic lighting effects Austin Powers would have felt at home on stage…

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Words by Jennifer Le Roux

Photo by Joe Watson

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