Single Review: Line up the Stars, Ivyrise

‘Line up the Stars’ wastes no time with foreplay, just a gentle tickle before it launches the unsuspecting listener into the stars and passionate embrace of Ivyrise. An instant high and addictive new sound from a once self-confessed ‘Britpop’ band that is ready to rock!

Their first two singles ‘Tips’ and ‘Disguise’ earned top five positions in the BBC Radio 1 Independent chart in 2008, but Ivyrise frontman, Ben Falinski, has since established a new line up instigating a more powerful rock persona apparent in ‘Line up the Stars’, the first single to be revealed from their upcoming album produced earlier this year by Jason Perry (Kids in Glass Houses, The Blackout and McFly).

The hard rock under belly and harmonic vocals in this track stimulate a feel good quality reminiscent of early Blink 182, inner grounding for the song and wrapped with melodic orchestration that elevates and releases the heartfelt emotion expressed by Ben, the creative force behind the band.


When a song can truly take the listener on a journey, scoop them up fast and inspire change – it has achieved its mission. ‘Line up the Stars’ doesn’t only achieve this, after a welcome stop off at a pleasingly simple break, it maintains this power throughout.

The hard rock influences remain firm as the vocals seem to ooze like caramel undisturbed and on their own poetic ride, but as quickly as the listener was lifted, they are dropped with a sudden stop. Ejected from the heavens and deserted to suffer a come down similar to the day after a great night out or the result of an intermittent sugar rush. Alas, all great things come to an end.

Lucky for us this band hold the potential to deliver enchanting and powerful tracks like this for a long time to come and with ‘Line up the Stars’ tipped to be one of the softer songs from the album, it sounds like we won’t have to wait long for our next Ivyrise fix.

‘Line up the Stars’ is currently available for download and due for official release on 11 April.

1 thought on “Single Review: Line up the Stars, Ivyrise

  1. Eeeeee!!! Love you guys <3

    So happy your really making it! Best of Luck.. Also i LOVE the remastered version of this song!!!

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