My Weight Loss Journey: Living & Losing!

For those not in the ‘Jen the Red’ loop, I started my weight loss journey in June with an initial target of 3 stone and promised my readers a post for every stone I lose. Well, here I am as promised over 2 stone down and with a big smile across my face!

Forgive Me for I Have Sinned…

I am going to begin with a confession. I have been 2 stone down for at least a month now and not posted my ‘blog post for every stone I lose’ for a couple of reasons:

1. I kept being naughty and looking puffy so didn’t get the moment to capture the photo I needed!

2. I have done a lot of ‘flexi’ days and gaining, losing or maintaining along the way

Why? The truth is, life got in the way. Excuse the language but I have been through a lot of shit over the last few months. Job changes, moving house and the stress that comes along with those changes. You wouldn’t believe some of the challenges I have faced as people have prodded, poked and returned again to try and push me over. An experience which I have gone into further in my recent contribution to Lisa Cherry’s blog ‘Imagine a World without Energy Stealing‘.

I am such a loser!

The positive news is that despite these trip ups and increasing ‘flexi days’, I have still lost over 2 stone, bringing my total loss to 2 stone 5lbs. Can you see a difference?


Sure… if I had followed the diet strictly I would already be 3 stone down but what I have achieved is no lesser feat. In fact, for anyone like me that has a lot to lose (6 stone +) – I would say that the secret to success is to learn how to balance living and losing at the same time. Let’s face it, if there is one guarantee in life it is that you will hit hard times, there will be social occasions you don’t want to miss out on and you will want to let loose every now and then.

What has transpired is that my weight loss journey is turning into a ‘how to lose weight and still have fun!’ guide. I am not the only one too. There have been women on the Cambridge Diet forum sharing their journey with a very similar story to tell – and they look fantastic!

It is Okay to Enjoy Yourself!

There is a feeling of shame when you slip up on a diet, especially one as strict as The Cambridge Diet. But there are people like me who have taken a wilder path to weight loss with planned nights off.

I am not saying that you can get pissed every day and eat what you want. To say I haven’t changed my habits would be dishonest.

The reason my ‘nights off’ haven’t totally destroyed my weight loss in the last few months is down to perception. On this diet anything edible is naughty!

So, while I think I have been terrible, really all I have done is eat a little more chicken, had a couple of drinks or had a pitta bread pizza (homemade slimming world recipe) instead of my protein rich meal (allowed on Step 2 of Cambridge).

The biggest change is that in the past my slip ups were a lot bigger! We are talking pints and pints of beer, big take outs and large Sunday roasts, followed by nibbling on naughty treats throughout the day. Not just that, but continuing the emotionally led snacking over several days as I avoid the reality that I am putting on weight with the notion that ‘I deserve this treat’.

What I am trying to say here is please don’t feel ashamed if you slip up, just get back up! Ultimately maintaining your weight down the line will require healthy eating, regular exercise and bouncing back when you have a heavy night out or feast, whether that be at Christmas or for a romantic night out. Normal life requires you to exist in social situations and battle the temptations around you, so learn now how to choose well and enjoy a treat without totally sabotaging your health and well-being.

Beautiful-Woman-Relaxing-in-Hot-Tub-300x199My Hot Tub Target…

So, the observant among you will notice that my hot tub target was set for the end of October, which clearly I am not likely to make. However, given the stressful work situation and house moving I have had the go ahead and validation from both my partner and consultant to extend my hot tub target deadline to early/mid November and have a night of dancing planned for 7th November to celebrate!

Given my recent Malibu, antipasto nibbles and white beer related slip ups I am confident that all I need to do to make this target is re-focus and stay on plan for a good solid week or so. I say ‘or so’, as I do have a Halloween party planned this week – spooky treats galore!

I have already started imagining my hot tub in our new flat and plan to have some decking and a canopy for privacy. The idea of coming home after a long day and taking a dip in my hot tub surrounded by the night sky and fairy lights is enough to make me pretty determined to make this target.

What’s Your Living & Losing Story?

I would love to hear from anyone else who has managed to lose weight and still have a life! Let’s show women and men like us that you can still get trim with a smile on your face. Please comment or tweet me with your experience @jenniferthered

Here is my weight loss journey in pictures so far…


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