My Weight Loss Journey: And the First Stone is Off!

I just had to run for the train and as I sprinted in desperation to get there on time I realised… I can run! My belly is no longer rebounding up and down vigorously causing my leggings to fall down. Im knackered and it is still tough but the fact remains. I ran today.

I am just over three weeks into step 2 on the Cambridge diet and I am 16 lbs lighter. Outfits that used to look strained are beginning to hang nicely and the horrible overhang on my belly is almost 2 inches less! I have also lost 2.5 inches on my waist and 1 inch on my chest (sorry Josh).

I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy. Weekends in particular are tough and it is hard to do this diet when your boyfriend isn’t. In a bid to avoid doing the dishes I have continued to cook him meals throughout and here are a few photos of our comparative feasts that I keep to remind me how strong I am being:


The toughest challenge has been managing the diet while on the move in my new job. I am going to a lot of events with free food and booze and little low calorie options available. I weakened and I have indulged but I have also strived to keep my carbs down and drank plenty of water. I also tried to have a little dance where possible and jumped straight back on the diet the next day, guzzling back over 3 litres of water each day.

A Woman on a Mission

I am a lady on a mission and I am not just talking about my diet.  From the moment I went to university on my 30th birthday I have been in pursuit of ‘realness’ and my own version of happiness. And while it has been a tough journey, piece by piece I am getting there. In February 2012 I was at the weight I have now just achieved and preparing to lose more. Sadly I was then rushed to hospital in anaphylactic shock and pumped with steroids. 1 week later, covered head to toe in a lumpy itchy rash and swollen all over they still didn’t know what was wrong with me. Eventually test results revealed it was an allergic reaction to Amoxicillen. I left hospital 1 stone heavier and extremely erratic with my emotions due to high doses of Prednisone, known as the ‘incredible hulk’ drug. That was the period of my life my husband chose to give up on us and we separated for good. I was broken and felt the lowest I have ever been. But it was also the time that I shifted towards music journalism and went on a more determined mission to become a better writer. It was also the catalyst for changing degrees (from journalism to creative writing) and meeting my gorgeous boyfriend, Josh.

Now over 2 years later I have finally reached a time in my life where the foundations feel strong enough to build upon. And back to my pre-hospital weight – I am ready to continue on my mission to find the confident and active version of myself that is fighting to get out. Bring on the next stone loss!

The Evidence – Can You See a Difference?

Here is a photo of me now. Sadly I cant yet afford my new outfit but I shall just double up on the next stone and get two! Win win 🙂



Until the next stone! Please feel free to send me your questions or share your own weight loss journey with me @jenniferthered

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