SLAMDUNK: Mayday Parade, We are the In Crowd, A Rocket to the Moon…

An American pop rock feast of bands played at the Wedgewood Rooms in June at the latter end of their Slamdunk tour, which was willingly eaten up by the crowd of angst teenagers in anticipation for the headliners, Mayday Parade.

The subject matter of the evening had the qualities of a teenage rom com with upbeat dreams of fated love alongside ditsy satisfying stories of rebellion.

‘A Rocket to the Moon’ had the required uplifting effect as they swarmed us with their angst rock music, ‘We are the In Crowd’ were refreshing with a female / male lead approach which worked well and allowed for more harmony and performance. Frontwoman,Taylor Jardine, had vocal moments that were reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson with a persona and quality that was equally as high energy and punk’d up as Laila Khan from Sonic Boom Six or Hayley Williams from Paramore at times. There was something clean about the band who were outwardly attempting the opposite, which was bought to light further when pretty petit Taylor said “This song is about all the people that talk shit!” while splashing the crowd with water.

Mayday Parade delivered a high energy set that initially impressed with its tight and rocked out delivery, most interesting was the persona of a gritty metal band with an outward noise that was more gentle and pop rock. Light and shade or momentary breaks seemed to be lacking at first, but luckily the set progressed to meatier tracks that broke the boundaries a little more.

A highlight was ‘3 Cheers for 5 Years’ and ‘Terrible Things’ – having had the one level rock sound for the majority of the set these were a welcome relief and the acoustic intro from frontman, Derek Sanders, on terrible things was heartwarming and a nice momentary peak into his soul.

The star struck crowd of teenagers remained energetic, entranced and determined for front stage position throughout the night. However, having been to Less than Jake’s gig the night before the evening felt like an underage rock gig that I was invading a little.

However, every woman has a memory of her days as a swooning teenage girl and she had a great time!

By Jennifer Le Roux

Photography By Hannah Mesquitta

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