Inspiration Series – 5 Ladies That Rock my Rocky World

The last 5 years have been rocky but without these people I wouldn’t have been able to take the Y out of that equation and ROCK!

The biggest lesson I have learned in this time is how important it is to surround yourself with people that inspire you.

So, here goes…

Trixie – the little lady that started it all

Okay, so she is a dog. But I wanted to start with this little ray of sunshine because she was the lady that started it all. I spoke in depth about her impact on my life a while ago. She was a West Highland Terrier around for pretty much my entire childhood into my teens and eventually died in her sleep aged 18 in 2010. Her passing forced me to face the finality of life and made me re-evaluate everything.

I left my husband, my home and my job and went to university full-time. A total reset. The torch has now been passed on to my little Cavachons Roxie and Millie, who continue to make me smile everyday.

Helen Lowe – my mother, my reason for being

A nurse, midwife, pianist, writer and all round gorgeous and talented woman. She has supported me through every bump, dive and ‘crying in the toilets at work’ tornado that has booted me to this point. Now retired and finally allowing her creativity to breathe, my mother has finished her first novel. I look forward to sharing it with you all soon! My top goal in life is to buy her a house by the sea so she can write with a view and the feeling of security I know she yearns. A home of her own.

Suzanne Greenwood – a sensible princess with rock star tendancies

Just one more family member I promise. Suzanne and I could be compared to the Yin and Yang of Monica and Phoebe from friends. While she was making plans and ‘doing the bathroom before she had her first baby’, I was flitting around the place doing whatever took my fancy.

Most people can only be one or the other – structured or spontaneous. But she has built a life with structure and foundation but also got her dream job as a designer. Suzanne also wows audiences with her belly dancing skills and continues to light up a room with her innocent and creative perspective on life.

Tracy Sullivan – a spiritual goddess playing harp in the woods

It is funny how you just know when someone is going to be special to you. I immediately knew that Tracy was going to have a significant influence on my life. She is a singer, adventurous wonderer, and an amazing singer and musician. Not to mention her ninja social media skills! We never plan to meet but always bump into each other at the right time. Whether we are going through struggles at work, personal crisis or simply need to dance the night away at our favourite Jazz club – kudos to Casablancas in Brighton!

Bridget Fletcher – the instigator of this blog post

We only met recently but even before that, I had a good feeling about this lady. We both have a free energy in our writing that breaks any restrictive assumptions about the reader. It is this freedom combined with her success as a corporate marketer in the US that reignited a light within me that has been fading for a while now. I was beginning to believe that being creative and successful in business at the same time was an impossible combination. After our video chat today I rushed home to write. That hasn’t happened for a very long time.

Surround Yourself with Inspirational People

There are many more people to mention but ladies first right?

Life really is too short to waste time with people that make you feel bad about yourself, so please – when you meet someone who makes you feel good, basque in their creativity and inspiration. They are part of your journey and will help you steer in the right direction.

I will continue to share my story as I write, sing and dance my way through a mission to live a life filled with creative and inspirational people that rock my rocky world.

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