Hevy Music Festival 2011

A festival that did exactly what it said on the tin, Hevy Music Festival 2011 (Hevy) delivered everything any doting hard rock/metal/punk/alternative fan would want to experience in one weekend and more.

Jennifer Le Roux with her press pass!

While commendable for the larger festivals to put on such an array of genre’s to cover all ground, having such a niche focus at Hevy led to a line up of bands who were genuinely happy to be at the same festival and a crowd of people with similar interests and appreciation for the music throughout.

We got to mix backstage with the bands and interview members from Dillinger Escape PlanFuneral for a FriendLa DisputeHang the BastardArchitects, Sonic Boom Six and Touche Amore, all of whom had at least two bands they were keen to watch at Hevy and were later spotted out in the main arena enjoying the experience with the rest of the crowd.

There was certainly a feeling of camaraderie backstage from the American bands who felt comfort from home with close friends and UK bands who were excited to be playing alongside their favourites and friends from the past.

Dan Searle from Architects explained:

The first show we ever headlined was put on by the singer from The Ghost of A Thousand, so we’ve known those guys for years.

Sonic Boom Six - Friday

The Ghost of a Thousand were a hot topic at the event given that it was their last gig having announced their split earlier this year. An epic moment not missed by anyone backstage as all of the artists, guests and press were piling onto the benches to get high enough to watch their set on the main stage.

The overall feeling throughout Hevy was one of euphoria, artistic freedom and exasperation at the sheer volume of quality bands playing. Members of the crowd were all in a constant battle to catch as many bands as humanly possible, jumping tents and appreciating any sounds blasting out of the main stage in between, Hevy goers really were spoilt for choice. So much so that it is near impossible to choose a particular highlight to focus on for this event, every band at Hevy had an inspirational and powerful affect on their audience.

Hevy really is a festival not to be missed by anyone with a hunger for heavy!

Zebrahead - SundayThe VIP afterparty on Saturday was a particular highlight for the Pugwash team and a very bizarre experience given this was a bunch of heavy rockers jamming to an R&B DJ set with sporadic attempts at old skool break dancing, another sign that Hevy was young enough to still include the little people – heck, we even had a free bar!

I hope to also publish gallery of Hevy online very soon – so watch this space!

Writing and Photography by Jennifer Le Roux

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