Deer Hunter, Halcyon Digest – Album Review

A chilled out Indie album with the nostalgic undertones of the Beetles and emotional strokes of Cold Play. I had the advantage of knowing nothing about the band, Deer Hunter, when I was first handed the album ‘Halcyon Digest’, released 27 September 2010.

The cover is a dark artistic portrayal of what looks like a lost pantomime dwarf in drag praying to the gods, an image which I felt lent itself to a genre of experimental electro or heavy rock.

However, while poised and ready to turn the volume down, I was very surprised that the first track only tickled my ears with some teasing sporadic tones and the album continued to build at a pleasing pace with infectious tunes that sent my mind into a world of welcoming flower power hippies dancing in a field in collective euphoric harmony.

Deer Hunters album, Halcyon Digest, houses the kind of music discovered in the more intimate areas of a good festival that stays with you all year round and holds the potential to challenge and conquer the socially influenced to appreciate music with more depth. An album with the mood to provide a great background for an intimate evening and equally fill a stadium.  It is the combination of warm vocals, subtle distortion, mesmerising repetition breaks and experimental tones conjures the magic that is this easy listening Indie album.

While the choice of artwork and album name don’t quite match the genre or mood of the music for me, the fact that this requires further analysis validates that Deer Hunter and this album has a lot more to reveal in time.  Deer Hunter have managed to bring the term ‘vintage’ to music in a way that I have never experienced before.

‘Halcyon Digest’ should be in the hands of anyone that enjoys discovering bands not force fed by the media, where it is likely to take a high reign in their CD collection.

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