Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Lekker Slaap…

We were as changing as the wind and as beautifully dangerous as the ocean waves secretly shouting “let me in” – but our love did not move.

It hung on tight with each frightful turn, an anchor to land where we could only learn and hope we were right.

Your arms took me home, your smile was my heaven, your words though not spoken were said by your souls rhythm – pounding ‘I love you, I just don’t know how to’.

I’m told it’s the end and there are just some things you cannot mend. But I won’t pretend I’ve not lost my everything.

Goodbye is not a word I can bear to say, but maybe, someday, who knows, everything will be okay – that I can say for now.

That will have to do for today. Tomorrow I’ll try again to let go in some way, somehow.

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Lekker Slaap…

3 thoughts on “Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Lekker Slaap…

  1. Extraordinary talent. To be able to describe pain to it’s very core, is to know and to live Life… unafraid.

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