Gillian Christie – Gig Review

21 March 2011

An enchanting performance from folk acoustic pop artist, Gillian Christie, whose mesmerising set in support of Glasvegas at The Wedgewood Rooms, made an impact worthy of her own review.

The sold-out venue was packed with a mixed bag of fans eager for their fix of alternative rock and ‘in your face’ sounds promised by Glasvegas, a scene that would make entering a dark lit stage with just a guitar and a mic as company pretty daunting for anyone.  But it was a challenge that didn’t faze this Glaswegian firecracker who, like a Scottish white witch with a guitar for a broom, weaved her spell over the majority of the crowd entranced throughout her set.

Gillian’s lyrics combined with her infectiously quirky tunes and honest emotion created a unique sound of acoustic folk with an upbeat pop quality.  The light and shade of her vocals and clever use of timed power behind the building emotive lyrics were truly stunning.

She breathed life into lyrics that had potential for great poems, with rainbows and stars to the simplistic bliss of a sleeping lover in her bed, each song held trinkets of memories from Gillian’s past and gems of insight into her imagination.

Taking the listeners through time to places with starry nights and satellites, towering landscapes and fields of spaced out wonder, Gillian was like the ‘Cecilia Ahern’ of music – a novelist renowned for her ability to take the reader into alternative worlds and magical places with her words.

A personal favourite was about a time chilling out with her friends and coming up with random ideas, the lyrics: “Me and my friends drive away in the dark to the hill where we get as high as we can and lie on the grass and the satellites they watch us from afar” beautifully structured lyrics with the subtle use of ‘get as high as we can’ giving us a cheeky insight into her rebellious side and revealing the teenager behind the confident young lady performing before this scary looking crowd.

Discovering a new band or artist live that truly captures your imagination and intrigue is one of the best highs around, especially when it arrives from the unexpected platform of a support act for a band with a very different sound.

Glimpses from part one and two of her album ‘Thinking Space’ certainly reveal promising stepping-stones that are bound to take her along a path of fulfilled dreams and musical adventures.  A bright future that this spell bound listener intends to keep a close eye on.

Live Photography by Hannah Mesquitta

Profile Shots: Isla EJ Christie obtained from

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