Ivyrise, Relentless Garage, London


An emotionally driven and uplifting set from ex Britpop and newly declared rock band, Ivyrise, here at the Relentless Garage in London on 16 March 2011 to celebrate the launch of their new single ‘Line up the Stars’ produced by Jason Perry (Kids in Glass Houses, The Blackout, McFly).

Formed in 2007, Ivyrise have already had two UK-wide sell out tours, top 5 positions in the BBC Radio 1 Independent chart and a support slot with Bon Jovi on his Lost Highway Tour.

Typical of a launch party, the modest upstairs area of this venue was packed with friends, family and those with vested interest. Fortunately as Ivyrise commanded the stage there were ample avid fans with cameras gripped at the ready. This boosted the atmosphere for a band with self-confessed ambitions for stadium glory and a desire to grow beyond intimate venues in the future.

The first song ‘Yes To Running’ prepared the audience for an inevitable emotional victory as the next two familiar songs encouraged the audience to sing along and wave their arms in appreciation.

As a fan of their new passion for rock, a personal highlight was the first ever performance of brand new song ‘Hurts’ from the new album. Reaching beyond the fans and captivating the introverts hovering at the bar, the energy projected from the vocals and performance of frontman, Ben Falinski, throughout this song consumed the room, taking everyone on a satisfying journey of pain that made you want to cry and scream simultaneously. ‘Hurts’ stimulated the kind of emotional release experienced standing in an empty field or at the edge of a cliff in the face of the ocean and just yelling at the top of your voice.

Followed by another song from the new album ‘Run From You’, the new songs lifted the crowd and provided the feel good melodic rock that fed their Ivyrise cravings; further demonstration of the intelligent composition from Ben, the creative force behind the band.

The set continued with songs that provided the stepping-stones for the current success of Ivyrise including their last single released in September 2009, “1000 feet”. The comparison between the old and new through the night highlighted the softer Britpop roots that originally motivated the band and their new ambitions into a rock genre heard in the last treat of the night, which was of course ‘Line up the Stars’.

Having first heard the single on BBC Radio 1 and experienced the emotional switch from a bad morning to the kind of motivation that landed me here at the gig a week later– it is a pleasure to report that hearing the song live did not disappoint.

The additional connection from Ben’s honest expression of emotions through his vocals and performance, supported by the band’s energetic passion behind the music, led to a euphoric atmosphere and satisfying end to the evening.

Future plans include the release of their next single in June and a supporting tour, which promises to stop off at Ben’s hometown of Portsmouth.

By Jennifer Le Roux

Photography by Vicki Parker (Edited by Jennifer Le Roux)

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