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30 November 2010 – Wedgewood Rooms – An ‘up yours’ and ‘in your face’ American band with no boundaries. Like the ‘Family Guy’ of the music industry, Gay for Johnny Depp say all the things you shouldn’t and put the world to rights, expressing inner thoughts and sexual experiences that most wouldn’t consider sharing with a close friend, let alone their fans.

Aside from a select few keen participants, the band certainly scared the hell out of this crowd! I’ve never seen a singer literally musically attack an audience one by one like the frontman of Gay for Johnny Depp did! At one point, Marty literally launched toward an unsuspecting audience member and hurled him back like a fish hook while screaming in his ear (pictured below).

There were numerous ‘mosh pits’ throughout their set, centred by Marty with only a surviving microphone lead left breaking out for air. I’m sure these moments left us all wishing we had a camera at hand.

The upside down crucifix used as a microphone stand and wedged from his crutch, I can only imagine represented his feelings towards religion, in that he was representing his erection as that worth of worship.

The infectious enthusiasm from the band and pure insanity of it all meant that, no matter your music taste, you couldn’t help but get caught up in Gay for Johnny Depp and the wonderful harmonic mayhem that surrounded them.

Marty’s energetic performance built up a euphoric tornado, which represented a forbidden pleasure that lured you in and made you want to be the next victim. But, like a game of kiss chase at school you couldn’t help running away at the last minute as he randomly selected those he could grab within reach.

The lyric ‘kill the children’ also featured while Marty physically grabbed onto to the only young boys at the front eagerly awaiting his crazy attention. An ironic and politically explosive action on the surface, but they loved it!

The song ‘Juicy’s Last $ (Point the Finger)’ took sexual exploration to new realms, detailing what I perceived to be an in depth insight into a woman putting her finger up a man’s bum. A refreshing alternative to the usual relationship matter of most songs and an example that sums up the randomness of the entire gig.

Gay for Johnny Depp’s attitude matched the bands mash of influences from metal to hard rock and alternative ‘mod audio’ in places. An intense gig, wildly entertaining and teasingly corrupt!

I could not put it better than the anonymous lady in the ladies toilet said to her friend that night…

“They are good, but they are fucking scary!”

Photography by HannahMPhotgraphy:


2 thoughts on “Gay for Johnny Depp – Gig Review

  1. Quality review!i haven’t listened to this band before but i’m going to check them out because Jen has made them sound like magical experience..with added fingers up bums, etc..Keep up the great reviews!

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