Confidence Wins Out

At one point in our lives we all do it ladies.

When we look in the mirror we pick on the things we don’t like, wear things to cover the bits we don’t want, cover ourselves with make-up and make sure our hair and clothes are so stunning maybe they won’t notice the rest.

There is no denying that men will notice these things, but I bet there is one thing they will notice more – confidence.

A big turn off is a woman who spends most of her time worrying about what she

looks like. Maybe you’ve put on some weight, have a spot, your hair isn’t quite going the way you wanted it to – but if you can find a way to forget about it confidence shines through!

So single ladies, next time you go out on the pull remember the golden rules to oozing confidence:

1. Relax!

Don’t look for Mr Right just focus on your friends and have fun

2. Be Comfortable

Wear something that makes you feel good and that fits! There is nothing worse than having to constantly adjust yourself or fiddle with your straps.

3. Heels

Don’t go too high! Just enough to shape your legs but not cripple you at the end of the night! Even better bring out the kitten heels!

4. Break Out

Make the effort to just go somewhere on your own. To the bar, another dance floor or simply a different space on the same dance floor. This will show you have the confidence to be independent and also mean any admirers have a chance to approach you.

5. Be Cool

If a fish bites, don’t just give away your number or throw yourself on him. Let him give you his or even better give him half of your number and say that he will have to earn the rest. Anyone worth a date will love this and hopefully arrange a date there and then rather than miss out.

If you don’t meet someone then perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. Most good relationships come from people meeting at work, during education or enjoying a hobby. Remember – if you are not swimming in the ocean, then you can’t expect to meet any fish!

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