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Jennifer was sent along to review The Horrors on behalf of Mayhem! Magazine in May 2012.

Mayhem! treated ten lucky readers to free tickets for five-piece garage rave rockers The Horrors at the Pyramids in May – so we came along to find out what all the fuss was about!

An ample audience filled The Pyramids eager for their performance. On scanning the room we couldn’t help notice that most fans seemed to be older than the band members themselves, perhaps reminscent of the old-school influences of ‘back to the roots’ garage and rave in their music.

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A compelling and satisfying set for the avid indie rocking Glasvegas fans that packed out a sold out Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth on 21 March 2012.

An early warning for newcomers though, Glasvegas can be hard to take for those with an ear for rock in its purest sense or a preference for melodic harmony and vocals. That said there must be something unique about a band that can attract such a bizarre mix of people.

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There is no doubt the gorgeous sisters that make up acoustic soul/folk duo, Daughters of Davis, have the talent, determination and inspirational attitude to make their dreams come true.

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Catching up with Noah and the Whale before their gig at The Wedgewood Rooms in May, I got to take a look into the story behind the band from the infamous random gang of criminals that stole their vintage band equipment in 2009, member changes later that year and their current success with their own brand of upbeat indie / folk / rock that has proved to the masses that Life for this band, does indeed go on.

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A festival that did exactly what it said on the tin, Hevy Music Festival 2011 (Hevy) delivered everything any doting hard rock/metal/punk/alternative fan would want to experience in one weekend and more.

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An American pop rock feast of bands played at the Wedgewood Rooms in June at the latter end of their Slamdunk tour, which was willingly eaten up by the crowd of angst teenagers in anticipation for the headliners, Mayday Parade.

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A rename could have worked for this event to ‘Get Soaked in the Park’, but even though there was rain, mud, poncho’s and an assortment of umbrellas, most of all there was good music! There is something heart warming about a crowd that will stand outside in the rain and suffer for the band they love.

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A ‘dark horse’ rock band from Nashville, Tennessee and tipped to be the next Kings of Leon, ‘Mona’ quite frankly kicked ass at the Wedgewood Rooms last week.

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Inc support from Me Vs Hero and Chiodos – 27 April, Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

Experiencing Skindred live was like watching someone lift the lid on a menacing Pandora’s box to release the swarm of Reggae/Punk/Rock energy and in your face attitude that caused a sold out Wedgewood Rooms to throb with excitement.

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The Eastney Cellars, Portsmouth, 21 April 2011

A delicious blend of sultry vocals, poetic narrative and complex composition in acoustic form from folk / indie / pop artist ‘ODi’, a collaborative duo at The Eastney Cellars in April 2011 as part of their ‘Maslow’s Songbook’ Album Tour.

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