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My thoughts and lessons on love and relationships…


The last 5 years have been rocky but without these people I wouldn’t have been able to take the Y out of that equation and ROCK!

The biggest lesson I have learned in this time is how important it is to surround yourself with people that inspire you.

So, here goes…

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As I approach my 34th birthday and, only now, feel that I am building strong foundations for a healthy and happy future – I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I got here.

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At one point in our lives we all do it ladies.

When we look in the mirror we pick on the things we don’t like, wear things to cover the bits we don’t want, cover ourselves with make-up and make sure our hair and clothes are so stunning maybe they won’t notice the rest.

There is no denying that men will notice these things, but I bet there is one thing they will notice more – confidence.

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We were as changing as the wind and as beautifully dangerous as the ocean waves secretly shouting “let me in” – but our love did not move.

It hung on tight with each frightful turn, an anchor to land where we could only learn and hope we were right.

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Finding the balance between love and life is not easy. Making sure that personal goals and ambitions are fulfilled while trying to remain on the same path as the one you love takes work and, from someone who has learnt the hard way, sometimes love is just not enough. It is this mission that often lands couples in a long distance relationship. But, do they work?

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