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I recently confessed that I don’t belong in employment. Quite a bold statement. Some might call it career suicide, but it was a necessary hammer to the misguided backup plan shaped wall that I was hiding behind. Keeping one toe dipped in the employment waters was just holding me back. Since though, I have been thinking ‘how do I follow that?’ Then I realised I should just keep sharing the things that I wouldn’t usually admit.

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I have a story to tell, but until now I have been afraid to tell it.

Being at BelongCon in Brighton yesterday, watching so many people brave enough to reveal their story, I decided it’s time that I share mine.

As a freelance content marketing specialist and writer I get paid to write brand stories. Every day I write meaningful content about what matters to them and their audience. Yet my own content outputs have been in limbo as I continue to battle with a fear that if I reveal the truth, I won’t ever be able to get a permanent job again.

It’s time to burst that bubble (see what I did there @and_Helene). It’s time to accept that employment just isn’t for me and share my story in the hope that it will inspire others like me.

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Have you got to a point in your career where you feel stuck? No matter how much hard work you put in that promotion just isn’t happening and you have forgotten why you wanted it in the first place. Simply put – you have lost your mojo and you would really like to get it back.

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The last 5 years have been rocky but without these people I wouldn’t have been able to take the Y out of that equation and ROCK!

The biggest lesson I have learned in this time is how important it is to surround yourself with people that inspire you.

So, here goes…

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“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Often the solution to a problem is less complex than we originally perceive it to be. Humour aside, turning your computer off and on again, or signing in and out of your software can solve a multitude of issues. Maybe we should all apply this simplistic approach more often in life.

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As I approach my 34th birthday and, only now, feel that I am building strong foundations for a healthy and happy future – I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I got here.

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I just had to run for the train and as I sprinted in desperation to get there on time I realised… I can run! My belly is no longer rebounding up and down vigorously causing my leggings to fall down. Im knackered and it is still tough but the fact remains. I ran today.

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Over the last few years I have been on my own pursuit of ‘realness’ and I have experienced both negative and positive responses to my constant drive to be utterly and completely myself, which has caused me to consider; how ‘real’ can we really be in a business scenario?

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For those of you that don’t know, I also write guest posts for the wonderful Lisa Cherry on her inspirational blog,

What I love about her blog is that I can really vent about something that inspires me and fully express myself, including my first guest post ‘Content Marketing Demands Change for Creatives‘. You also may have noticed that I have become more open recently, which is very much down to this lady – so thank you Lisa!

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I have decided to do something very brave and set myself a challenge. Tomorrow I start my weight loss journey but that is not the part that scares me, in fact I am pretty excited! The scary part is that I have decided to share my experience with the world – well with the portion of the world that chooses to read my itty bitty blog. Every time I lose a stone, I am going to write a post about my experience so far. The hope is that you can witness my journey to success and by exposing my intentions to you all this will give me the boost and encouragement I need and, in turn, inspire others like me to take action.

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