About Me

I am a petulant office rebel and ex ‘lost employee’ on a mission to live life to the beat of my own drum. Carrying with me years of corporate and professional experience but continually striving to stretch the rules and disrupt the world just enough to make people listen. I make my money doing what I love, writing. I am lucky enough to attract clients that want me to say something new and brave or silly and hilarious.  I get my energy from ideas and inspiring or connecting others and I dream of finally writing a Sitcom and making time for my music. Most of all I get a buzz off helping others escape employment and do what they love, when they want to. To help make sense of all of that creative fluff (you love it really), here’s who I am in neat little categories…

Freelance digital writer

I have over 11 years professional experience as a digital writer for consumer and business audiences. However, although this experience affords me the skills to understand the full marketing mix when I create content, since ‘escaping employment’ in 2016 I now specialise in creating meaningful and disruptive content. This includes my own ‘honesty bomb’ series of articles on LinkedIn. Having said that, I do also still enjoy writing ‘meaningless’ silly and entertaining blog posts that help readers escape their busy lives and minds in the process.Through the in depth research that I have done over the years I have also become somewhat of an expert at writing about employee wellbeing, workplace culture and human resources. You can find out more about the content services I offer or view some of my recent content here:

Co-founder of Brave Butterfly

Following my own struggles with wellbeing in the workplace, I am also on a mission to help others to be bold and go freelance through my latest digital baby and passion project Brave Butterfly.

Founder of Brighton Coworking

I also run a ‘gypsy coworking’ or nomad coworking group on Facebook Brighton Coworking, which currently has over 200 members and encourages freelancers to collaborate, cowork and meet spontaneously in cafes to resolve isolation.

Mummy blogger at mumvdad.co.uk

Having recently been anointed the title of ‘first time Mum’ through the method of birthing a baby, I am also attempting to make time for some Mummy blogging. A collaborative blog with my partner Josh and baby daddy who is also a creative writer.

As a Mum in my late-thirties who was also still writing just hours before giving birth and back on it within a few days, I hope to break down some of these old-school ideas that Mum’s have to stop work. I also work closely with fellow first time Mum and digital marketer Allegra Chapman, together we plan to prove that Mums indeed know best.

Founder and Editor of ALT-MU Magazine

Finally, having begun my career in music and entertainment, I am also the Editor and Founder of a digital music education magazine with an alternative twist, ALT-MU. It’s been on hiatus for a while but there are plans to breathe some new life into it very soon!