A Mid-Career Crisis – When only Inspirational Will Do

There comes a point in your life when working for working sake just doesn’t cut it anymore. For some people, this switch happens early. For me, it happened when I realised I was approaching thirty. Now – any moment that I am doing something that doesn’t inspire or excite me, feels like a wasted moment. When it comes to finding the right job, a job I can do day in day out – this does make things a little tricky. So when I was launched back into the world of job hunting recently I changed my tactic.

Being Able to Get the Job – Doesn’t Make it Right

right_jobOver the years and through my time working in recruitment I have learned how to get a job. I have nailed the techniques and I can convince most people to hire me if I want to, a valuable skill that has served me well so far. I now have a plethora of experience working in jobs I had never imagined I would do and have ridden enough industries and varying working cultures to last me a lifetime. A journey that has helped me to gain a unique perspective on my future career path and armed me with a huge capacity to write content on any given subject.

Fantastic! Right? Well no. Not anymore. Recently I realised that this just isn’t going to work for me anymore. Because I don’t just want a job – I want a way of life, an inspiring role in a company I actually believe in. A company, agency or brand that gets me excited and aligns with my own ethos and methodology. Producing content that entertains, educates and inspires their community.

So, I ditched my standard corporate suit and started dressing like me. I stopped ‘convincing’ myself I wanted a job before my interview and I practiced the words that truly explained what I want and how that relates to the job I am applying for. I have changed the focus to what I need and the type of environment that I would thrive in, which ultimately will deliver the most value to the company. An employer that will appreciate and value my ideas, passion and creativity.

No More Looking for Mr ‘Job’ Right Now

The results have been enlightening. Taking the pressure off and actually going on a mission to find what is right for me, rather than right for now – has been a huge revelation. Now, I am able to be completely open in an interview, which means that I can tell very quickly if the job and the company are right for me and in turn, I am right for them. I can discuss this openly with the interviewer and walk away from that interview making my own decision. Not waiting in hope that I can get that job for job getting sake. This means that I can interview without fear of ‘saying the wrong thing’ or appearing ‘too confident’. By being totally myself, I can measure whether I am the right fit for them by their reaction. If I recognise further creative opportunities that the company hasn’t considered I will say that at the interview. I will pitch; challenge and brain storm if it feels natural. Finding the right job is no longer a score or a thing I want to prove. It is an ambition, a hope and dream that I will continue to strive to achieve. A golden opportunity waiting in the wings that will eventually scoop me up, when I hear that mutual ‘click’.

What is this Dream Job You Speak of?


For me, it is simply to be inspired and inspire others every day. Whether that be through content creation and publication, social sharing or part of a larger multimedia project or marketing campaign. It is to be surrounded by people who care about what they do. Who enjoy being inspired and bringing ideas to life rather than stamping out any sign of independent thought. It is to work with people that ‘get me’ and enjoy my immature humour and lighter attitude towards life when we go for a pint after work. To live while I work, to breathe while I type and to never watch the clock without hoping it slows down so that I have more time to finish my project.

Does this Sound like You?

If you have experienced a similar shift in your thinking or felt connected in some way with this article, please do make a comment or get in contact @jenniferthered / @altmucreative. I continue to strive to surround myself with inspirational thinkers and would love to hear about your journey.

If you are an employer looking for someone who can breathe some life into your company or content marketing strategy, then please check out my LinkedIn profile or get in touch via email leroux_jennifer@yahoo.co.uk. If I am not quite right for you, then please check out my new social enterprise and creative network www.altmucreative.co.uk, which will provide SMEs or individuals with access to a pool of creatives.

If you’ve made it this far, then cheers for listening! If I inspired you, even just a little – then my job here is done.

6 thoughts on “A Mid-Career Crisis – When only Inspirational Will Do

  1. Oh boy, have I ever been guilty of taking Mr ‘Job’ Right Now!
    Sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.
    I recently left a job that wasn’t right after just a month. Bad, I know, but the better job came through and to be honest I’m much happier (and better paid). I knew I shouldn’t have taken the first job… yet with nothing else concrete at the time and unemployment running out, it was what I had to do.

  2. I left my previous job due to health problems. A few years later I’m doing a job now that I love and thoroughly enjoy which is blogging almost full time, something I never thought would happen.

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